Body Treatments

Here is a selection of some of our popular treatments. To view our full range, please view our other treatments, or download our brochure.

We’re delighted to now offer a range of Neom Wellbeing Treatments. Masterminded by the Neom team of 11 wellbeing experts and drawing together the most effective of 6 therapies - meditation, shiatsu, cranio, Thai massage, trigger point and reflexology – Neom Wellbeing Treatments have been created to provide true therapeutic wellbeing benefits. All Neom treatments are either 60 minutes (£65.00) or 90 minutes (£90.00).

Neom Energise Treatment

Using changes in temperature, speed-of-touch and different textures this treatment begins with the Neom Body Scrub with its potently invigorating oils of wild mint and mandarin. Your skin will be buffed head-to-toe, left feeling amazingly uplifted and ready to be fully enveloped in the Neom energising cream clay wrap where the stimulating essential oils of rosemary, lemon and grapefruit penetrate the skin and allow for detoxification. Whilst you’re wrapped you’ll experience a 20 minute face and scalp pressure point massage plus specialist reflexology techniques. Your body’s immune system will be stimulated, the lymphatic system detoxified, leaving you feeling recharged and fully revived. This treatment allows you to stop, unplug and then reboot. Your senses will be awakened and your body and mind will be given a boost of natural energy.

60 mins (£65.00) 90 mins (£90.00)

Phytocare Baobab Ritual

A sublime relaxing ritual commencing with an exfoliation followed by a combination of soothing full body and scalp massage and completing with an energising leg treatment. This hydrating and nourishing experience uses African oil taken specifically from the Organic seeds of the Baobab tree. Suitable for pregnant ladies.

90 mins | £90.00

Dreamy legs

Treat your lower legs and feet with our nourishing and revitalising Baobab therapy. Nourishing to the skin and improving circulation, your treatment includes exfoliating massage movements with Baobab oil and menthol gel. You will leave feeling like you are walking on air! Suitable for pregnant ladies.

25mins | £30.00

Hot Lava Shell Full Body Massage

Self warming Tiger Clam Shells are expertly massaged over the body with varying pressures and techniques enabling the therapist to work the deepest aches and pains. The heat induces a deep sense of calm and serenity, and is particularly good for those who find it hard to relax.

Hot Lava Shell Full Body Massage 55mins £65.00 Back Massage 25mins £37.50

CO2 Anti-Cellulite

| Carboxy Therapy with clinically proven results The treatment begins with a full leg exfoliation, removing the dead skin cells allowing for optimum penetration of subsequent products. Clinically proven CO2 Body Sculpting gel and patches combine to provide a warming boost of oxygen, boosting micro-circulation and strengthening skin cells. These patches are placed over key problem areas and remain on the skin for at least 30 minutes. The treatment concludes with a 10 minute draining massage using your chosen massage oil of either White Jasmine and Mint Anti-Cellulite oil or Rosemary and Lime Detox oil.

60 minutes | £60 or Course of 4 | £215

All treatments can be booked online with your preferred therapist, or call the salon on 01423 875678.

Body Treatments